3 08 2017

This is one in a series of Haiku battles between myself and a dear Lady Cheryl DeWolfe, who blogs at Flotsam and Jetsam. These collaborations are all very erotic and were written in real-time exchanges with no outline nor discussion of the content before each began.

Note: no bytes were killed in the writing of these, thou some of them may be scarred for life

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8 06 2017

cross cross welts of love
she purrs

[focused violence]

25 05 2017

focused violence
applied with exacting skill
crack the whip

[leather falls]

24 05 2017

leather falls
hiss through the air
her flesh warms

[the falls scream]

24 05 2017

the falls scream
as they cut through the air-
cry of bliss

[cat screams]

23 05 2017

cat screams
nine tails landing on flesh-
she purrs

Delicate Sound of Thunder

22 05 2017

whip screams lashing out

explosive crack of music

white hot welt