[she asked]

5 01 2019

she asked
unsure of her fate
she waits


31 12 2018



my empty loom

waits a warp

[I wait]

24 07 2017

I wait

departed from the station

she comes

[staked out]

20 07 2017

staked out
under a clear blue sky
she dreams

[four limbs]

8 06 2017

four limbs
stretched to the corners
she waits

The Rack

8 06 2017

four limbs
shackled to four corners
the winch tightens

slack removed
she lies there immobile
a sweat breaks

she waits
unable to move
fear builds

[the beast paces]

8 06 2017

the beast paces

behind his eyes

within the cage it waits