[jump for joy]

29 06 2019

66032609_2368427183414703_6389844462276706304_ojump for joy

a life woven in fiber

at sunset

[buried to the chin]

2 06 2019

buried to the chin
watching the tide approach-


14 06 2017

quiet walk on the beach
holding her hand

At the end of the day

25 11 2015

“Hands to clean, into night clothing”

After a long day of painting, chipping old paint, painting and the other assorted things that make a ship survive another day, this pipe rings out as a relief.

The ships crew has been fed, cleaning stations have been done, the Captain has inspected his ship and deemed all is well. The pipe is made and anyone not on watch may break into a slightly less formal/operational mode of dress. For the lower deckers, that means a tee shirt instead of a work shirt. The mess is open for business and mates will gather round and play some euchre, swap some salty tales or express their displeasure at Chief so and so…..

For me, I tried to be on the upper deck for this pipe, as it was frequently made just before sunset. Sunset at sea was always a peaceful time for me, ¬†at least those days we weren’t going through a freaking hurricane. The sea would be calmer, the wind would be calmer, people on the bridge would be a little more mellow and then there was sunset.

Sunset at sea is a beautiful thing. You stand there and watch as the sun slowly sinks below the horizon, changing in colour from yellow, to orange to red. Millimeter by millimeter Sol would lower behind the edge of the earth and, if atmospheric conditions were just right, you would get to experience the emerald flash just as the sun disappeared. I do not know what it was about that flash, but every time I got to see it I knew that all was good in my world.

A brief moment of peace to mark the end of the day



Days end

6 06 2013

Her rosy cheeks

Calms us to peaceful rest

Sol sets once more