[hint of green]

12 12 2019
hint of green
poking up from the snow-
one last sleigh ride


18 06 2016


cherry petal blizzard

fresh new day


[blue sky]

27 02 2016

blue sky

a new spring day shines through

broken cloud

[gentle hues poke up]

9 04 2015

butterfly mag

gentle hues poke up

from the winters deep sleep-

butterfly magnet

[wrapped in green]

5 04 2015



 wrapped in green and

warmed by the spring sunshine-

waiting to bloom


[sun warmed earth]

20 03 2015

sun warmed earth

gives buds to flower beds-

spring equinox

[errant breeze]

6 03 2015

errant breeze

scatters dried foliage-

flowers bloom