[an infinite void]

10 09 2020

an infinite void

they were desperate to fill

their souls withered

[on the solstice]

14 07 2019

on the solstice
she smiled at me
and touched my soul

[two souls touch]

18 06 2019

two souls touch
a lifetime of love begins
at day break

To Me she gave

23 05 2017

Her skin
And 6 inches of cold steel
How easy to pierce
And watch a trickle of red

Her breath
And permission to remove
I can watch her face
As eyes beg for a gulp of air

Her soul
Into my hand she put
Permission to crush
Trust that I would not

Gates can keep his fortune
A greater treasure I have, her

[a gentle knock]

18 11 2015

a gentle knock
opens the door to her soul
respect the trust

Temple 8 Haiku

6 02 2014

eternal sleep
the peace of lullabies
carried her soul forth

let me in

24 08 2013

to feel proves life
your ache proves your inner self
give it out and receive

Write, Write, Write, Sleep, Write

I ache to feel pain 

It kills me not to feel yours 

If only I could 

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