[clouded sky-]

20 01 2018
clouded sky-
turbulent emotions
on moving day

[grey sky]

17 06 2017

grey sky
hands held tight
found warmth

[pink wash]

22 06 2016

pink wash

pink wash

across the sky

dusk falls

[blue sky]

27 02 2016

blue sky

a new spring day shines through

broken cloud

[blue sky above]

27 02 2016

blue sky above

surrounded by dark clouds

eye of the storm

[dusk sky]

14 07 2015

dusk sky
over the pond-
evening song

26 January 2014 — #bonus haiku

27 01 2014

a small yellow sun
peers into the azure sky
greets large yellow sun

Haiku Plate Special

field of sunflowers
within the gaps
stalks of sky

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