[rain shower]

9 10 2020

rain shower

my joy flows


[plain wood boxes]

2 05 2020
plain wood boxes
in a 6 foot deep ditch
for greed a child weeps

[teary eyes]

11 12 2019
teary eyes
watch a river turn to mud
broken dam

[bloodied syringe]

6 02 2018
bloodied syringe
under a cloudy sky
his mother weeps

[last breath]

15 12 2017

last breath
sadness for the roses
not smelled


22 06 2016


the words were spoken

it rained

[mound of dirt]

4 08 2015

mound of dirt
beside the oak tree
single daisy

[family gathered]

4 08 2015

family gathered
in a quiet grove-
a spade full of dirt

[crushing despair]

3 03 2015

crushing despair
saps the strength of mighty-
daylight tinged black

A bit of a gothic taste for today. A bit ironic as today is bright and sunny for me and I feel great.



22 02 2015


for a friend lost-

must grieve