[through the window]

24 05 2018
through the window
nature’s symphony plays
a horse on the road

A walk home

21 02 2018
Well, isn’t this nice. Snow, in Victoria, end of Feb 2018. Ah well, such is the price we pay for being in paradise. I was downtown, doing rehearsal for my play. Getting home was a bit of a worry as I was not really sure the buses would be running.
As it turns out, the bus I needed was running, thou the route was a bit modified. A lovely 30 minute stroll down a freshly snowed road ensued
sipping coffee
snow crunching under my boots
as I walk home

[place of the holy]

31 08 2017
place of the holy
sounds fade into quiet hush
deep in the yarn store


14 06 2017

quiet walk on the beach
holding her hand

[shattered peace]

8 06 2017

shattered peace
repeated explosions
leather on skin

[storm recedes]

8 06 2017

storm recedes
as the leathers pace slows
she recovers

[knelt in peace]

26 05 2017

knelt in peace-
succumbed to his will
her freedom