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26 02 2020
rainbow slick
washing ashore with the tide
a dead sea

Coast Guard crews work on oil spill in English Bay

9 04 2015

This is minor. the problem was first spotted at 5pm and was not reported to the city until 13 hours later. This is a glaring example of what we should expect as soon as Enbridge gets the new pipeline in place. This and far worse.
Cristie Clark, are you paying attention?

Global News

WATCH ABOVE: Aerial view of the spill in English Bay

Port Metro Vancouver says crews are working to clean up an oil spill in English Bay.

The incident was reported at about 5 p.m. on Wednesday and an emergency response team was called in to deal with the oily substance. The City of Vancouver was not notified of the spill until about 6 a.m. by the Coast Guard.

Vancouver city councillor Geoff Meggs says “no matter how much care is taken by the industry, accidents can happen” and after an incident like this, it’s important to make sure the emergency response is appropriate and there are no gaps.

City Manager Penny Ballem says it is still unclear on how the spill occurred or what vessel was involved.

Park rangers were dispatched by the Vancouver Park Board to walk the beaches and warn residents. So far there is no evidence of the oil reaching…

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What lies within a Name

11 12 2014

Kinder Morgan – what lies under this name? Lies and misdirection. Here in British Columbia both of this company want to build a pipeline that will run through the mountains and end up at the port of Vancouver. Kinder Morgan been spreading money around all over the place, trying to say just how safe the pipeline will be, how many jobs will be created, how the local economy will grow and, and, and…..

So many beautiful words, so many big promises and so many people standing up and saying “Oh, look at how wonderful they are being <gush>”

It is all rosey and happy until someone says “What about a spill?” Then the lies and misdirection come into play.

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