[keys lost]

23 05 2020

I am sure a hobbit lives in my room, a sneaky invisible prankster. Yesterday I lost my keys. I knew I had them but an hour ago and then they were gone. I searched everywhere and still they were gone. My emotional roller coaster took a 75 degree dive and all was bleak.
Fine, they are gone, I give up and will carry on
Then they reappeared

keys lost
forever gone my precious

[lost at night]

26 11 2019

lost at night
he wanders the field
seeking the path

[clear blue sky]

7 10 2019
clear blue sky
adrift on a calm sea
he thirsts


22 02 2015


for a friend lost-

must grieve

The path

4 10 2014

hot sun beats down-
a safe place lies along
path to freedom

“Just a little more,” he though. “Please dear God let there be a stream, a puddle, anything.”
The hot sun beat down on his head, as it had since he got parted from the hiking tour three hours ago. Now all he could do was stumble on, hoping that this small trail would lead him to safety.

Stumbling forward he looked up and saw a flap of blue tarp blowing in the breeze.

“A camp site, oh thank GOD!” he yelled and began to run toward the loose tarp.

In his haste he failed to notice the tree root looping in front of his left foot. The root caught his foot and tripped him to the ground where his head struck struck a rock. As his vision faded to black he caught sight of a table laid out, set for lunch.

freedom at hand
errant root trips him-
path is denied



This was put together for a contest on allpoetry. Haibun is a new format for me,looking forward to exploring it further

A Parents Nightmare

20 08 2013

Child is lost

Turned from family light

Burning candle waits


29 11 2012

Stricken from the list

Cast alone to the great sea

Adrift forever