[morning sounds]

13 12 2017
morning sounds
in the living room
two girls giggle

Music Time

3 08 2017

This is one in a series of Haiku battles between myself and a dear Lady Cheryl DeWolfe, who blogs at Flotsam and Jetsam. These collaborations are all very erotic and were written in real-time exchanges with no outline nor discussion of the content before each began.

Note: no bytes were killed in the writing of these, thou some of them may be scarred for life Read the rest of this entry »

[blue flame]

8 06 2017

blue flame
pools in her hollows
burning bliss


8 06 2017

cross cross welts of love
she purrs

Four Step Shuffle

22 05 2017

one gentle touch

waves of emotion building

await the release


when will it end

the waves build to overwhelm

explosion of joy


wracked by quakes

she lies there exhausted

held by arms of love


enjoy the warm glow

hold her tight to your side

then repeat

[a smile]

14 02 2016

a smile
lightens the day
she glows


24 08 2013

Violence and joy

Kept together in balance

Laughters to follow