[they don’t send their best]

17 08 2019
“they don’t send their best”
parrots the nationalist
lining up the cross hair

[five point five six mm]

17 08 2019

five point five six mm
America wakes each day
to a new horror

[snuffed out lives]

4 08 2019
snuffed out lives-
madmen with assault weapons
fill the morgue

Blood on their hands

17 02 2018

Just too exhausted.

Another 17 kids, in school, slaughtered by someone with a combat assault weapon.
How many school shootings have happened this year…3, 4, 5? I have read that there has been so many mass shootings this year that the average is 1 every two days.
That is right, every other day someone in the USA is shooting at people.

There is always someone ready to point their finger and say who and what and why, it really no longer matters anymore.

Those who are sitting in power have the ability to stop this. They have had the power for decades, but they do nothing.

Each and every one of them has the same blood on their hands.
They can stop the slaughter but they choose not to.
And every other day, more people will die


4 12 2015

Multiple gunmen in shooting incident San Bernardino – 2 Dec 2015

This is just the latest “Breaking News”that has been splashed across our new feed.

According to this source, there have been 1052 mass shootings in the US over the past 1066 days.

1 a day


for the past 3 years

This is no longer news. This is an everyday occurrence, just like the weather. How sad is that?

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Naval Supremecy

24 02 2015

USS New Jersey, BB 62

Launched Dec 7, 1942

Armed with 3 triple banks of 16 inch guns, each gun barrel capable of launching a slug the weight of a small car over the horizon. New Jersey can reach out and touch you from 25 miles away, and that is before she lights off a missile. New Jersey has got some big engines aboard her. With a good tail wind, she can move herself at better than 35 knots (that is about 40 miles/hr for you land lubbers).

On top of her rather awesome fire power, New Jersey has got some awesomely heavy chunks of armour – in places up to 24 inches thick.

When it comes to being a bad ass, look in the dictionary and there will be a photo of New Jersey.

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Mr Nick Meli

17 12 2012

This time it was in a mall in Oregon.

Someone walked into the mall with a combat rifle and started shooting people.  For some reason the rifle jammed and according to this article a man confronted the shooter with his own gun and then the shooter killed himself.

Mr. Nick Meli was in the mall where this happened and had a licence to carry a concealed handgun. According to the story he pulled the gun out and pointed it at the shooter who then ran away and killed himself. I applaud Mr Meli and the calm actions he took. I am pleased to hear that he did not fire his weapon, pleased to know that he will not have to see the image of himself killing someone every night as he goes to sleep.

This is not a victory for the forces of the NRA. The concealed gun that Mr Meli had did not stop the shooter from killing two people. What stopped the shooter was how Mr Meli conducted himself, not that there was a gun pointed at him.  The NRA is going to say that this is proof that having guns protects lives. I see two dead people on the floor, did guns protect them?

The shooter had an assault rifle, why? What enemy was he facing when he got it? When was the last time the USA was invaded by some other nations army? How many more people are going to die because the NRA and the cronies who control them insist on allowing weapons of mass destruction to wander the streets.