[an infinite void]

10 09 2020

an infinite void

they were desperate to fill

their souls withered

[follow the money]

12 10 2019
follow the money-
war, what is it good for
lining his pockets


4 08 2019

on the backs of his workers
Bezos seeks the stars

[who will cry]

16 04 2019

who will cry
for the land soiled by greed
broken pipeline

[war and greed]

12 02 2018
war and greed
a better world greets me
without the tv

[black friday]

3 12 2014

black friday-

they have all they could need

but not enough

Dear Santa

5 12 2012

All I want for Christmas is

A new playstation 3 and a ipad and a… and a….

This I heard passing by the local Santa station the other day. The child on was adorable, well fed, nicely dressed, hair nicely done and a nice full belly – the child had to put down the drink it was holding before he could climb up. I left the mall and thought, damn, that was me 40 years ago. I had it all but I wanted more.

When I say I had it all, I had a roof over my head that didn’t leak. I was fed 3 full meals every day and was able to raid the pantry when I wanted to. I had clean clothes (being the eldest none of them were hand me downs). I had books, and toys and games and stuff that was so far in the back of my closet I didn’t even know it still existed.  Yes, I had it all and yet every Christmas I looked forward to getting more. Getting newer and better.

Then I grew up (at least I got older).  Right this moment, I am sitting behind a 22 inch monitor with a 1 year old computer at my knees. The computer has 8 meg of ram and 2 350g hard drives. There is a 32 inch flat screen TV in the other room. I have a 95 VW Jetta and a 95 Ford Wind Star. I live in a 1250 sq foot home that has 3 bedrooms, 1 1/2 bathrooms and a heated/powered detached garage. I really wanted to run to Future Shop on Black Friday, I really did. Why? Because I want more. I want bigger and better and faster stuff. What I have isn’t enough anymore, or at least that is what I am told on a minute to minute basis.

“Eat everything on your plate,” I used to be told as a child “because there is a starving child in India who will eat it if you won’t.”  I don’t have to go to India to find a starving child. I just need to walk about 10 blocks to find one. Ten blocks in the capitol city of  the province of British Columbia, Canada. What is wrong with this picture? Why do I need to have the latest and greatest when I could walk for 20 minutes and find someone who would be overjoyed with knowing that they can count on a hot meal tomorrow.

Today, I have all I need, in fact I have to look and say I have far more than I need. I don’t need a brand new car, or a brand new top of the line gaming computer.

We don’t need it all, nor do we need it now (sorry Mr Mercury). We all need to be wary of the kid down the street who really does need a new pair of shoes.



Self Ending

29 11 2012

Always must have more

Never to enjoy yourself

Soon to be over