[an infinite void]

10 09 2020

an infinite void

they were desperate to fill

their souls withered

[election fraud]

24 08 2020
election fraud
the criminal cries daily
dying republic

[plain wood boxes]

2 05 2020
plain wood boxes
in a 6 foot deep ditch
for greed a child weeps

[open America]

30 04 2020
open America
said the privileged rich
a nurse worked to death

[I HAVE RIGHTS they scream]

22 04 2020
I HAVE RIGHTS they scream
a medical worker dies
saving the righteous

[birds are silent]

26 02 2020

birds are silent

in a smoke blackened sky

a steel pipe burns

[rainbow slick]

26 02 2020
rainbow slick
washing ashore with the tide
a dead sea

[shards of glass]

15 12 2019
shards of glass
strewn across the lawn
he blew 0.15

[teary eyes]

11 12 2019
teary eyes
watch a river turn to mud
broken dam

[sad memories]

1 11 2019
sad memories
the times we spent together
before she left
to the place
where there is no pain