[fentanyl patch]

22 07 2019

fentanyl patch —
so far beyond the pain
he views his last moon


this was written by Mark Meyer

and reposted with his permission




[broken limb]

2 06 2019

broken limb
dead leaves falling
on my deck


2 06 2019

flying overhead
the last V

HE is denied

4 05 2019

a steel blade-
the power of life and death
in my hand

one last shield
between life and beyond-
a silk blouse

parted threads-
shields collapsing
as the blade moves

red lines
grow across her chest-
a dark figure

Death comes-
under one layer of skin
rubies of life

Death draws near-
HE raises his scythe
to claim a life

blade to scythe-
Begone reaper of souls
she is MINE

[first night fall]

1 01 2019

first night fall
for some a new year of life
others, not so

in memory of those who have left this existence, those we loved, those we cared for, those who lives touched our own

Blood on their hands

17 02 2018

Just too exhausted.

Another 17 kids, in school, slaughtered by someone with a combat assault weapon.
How many school shootings have happened this year…3, 4, 5? I have read that there has been so many mass shootings this year that the average is 1 every two days.
That is right, every other day someone in the USA is shooting at people.

There is always someone ready to point their finger and say who and what and why, it really no longer matters anymore.

Those who are sitting in power have the ability to stop this. They have had the power for decades, but they do nothing.

Each and every one of them has the same blood on their hands.
They can stop the slaughter but they choose not to.
And every other day, more people will die

[fatal error]

14 02 2018
fatal error
his cell phone
in the pond