[sad memories]

1 11 2019
sad memories
the times we spent together
before she left
to the place
where there is no pain

[a thin veil]

31 10 2019
a thin veil
separates us from them
the dead walk tonight

[six feet under]

19 10 2019

six feet under
time enough to grieve
after HE departs

[broken promise]

19 10 2019
broken promise
in a far away country
children cry

[empty hourglass]

19 10 2019
empty hourglass
a paragraph of his new book
goes unwritten

[ a chess master]

12 10 2019
a chess master
with a threatened king
a game with Death

[noon day sun]

7 10 2019

noon day sun
a buzzard circles in hope
above a lost soul