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17 08 2019
“they don’t send their best”
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Some Thinky Thoughts On Duck Dynasty

26 01 2014

Yes Chris, I am serious.
WE ALL HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES. There should be no womens rights, there should be no homosexual rights, there should only be the rights enjoyed by us all.

“BTW many homosexual men like young men,boys”. I am sure that there are Chris but do not put all homosexual men under the same umbrella as pedophiles because a great many older heterosexual men like young women, girls. Also, is it not the case that the greater majority of rapist are heterosexual men. It appears that you are equating homosexuality to a crime.

As for my listing of the laws, the original poster said she follows the law as set out in the bible. I was asking if she was following all that was set out or if not, why was she picking and choosing what was to be followed. If the Bible is the word of God, then All of it should apply to EVERYONE.

We you say “We only care about what was….” who is we? The Christian faith? Which sect do you refer to – Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, LSD, United, Anglican…… All of these groups claim to be Christian and with them all calling themselves a different name, they are all doing something different. Are they all Christian? If not, who really are? If you are going to be so narrow minded to believe that someone different is not due the same rights as everyone else, which brand of Christianity is the correct one?

Chris, it is attitudes of “you are different, therefore not worthy of respect” that have caused thousands of years of strife and bloodshed on our world. Jesus of Nazareth had no problems treating everyone as equals, why is it that you do?

Sorry Television

Duck Dynasty Season 3[Editor’s note: Not a book post]

I’ve been a Duck Dynasty fan since the first season, when I would sing the show’s praises to anyone within earshot and foist recorded episodes onto unsuspecting visitors. And while my friends and family feigned a begrudging tolerance for the show — which is too improvised to be scripted and too staged to be reality — I could tell that they weren’t sold, not like I was. “It’s going to be big,” I’d mutter to myself as they shrugged off my over-eager descriptions of Si’s wisdom, or Duck Commander workroom tomfoolery. “Just you wait.”

And I was right. Having recently finished its fourth season, Duck Dynasty is huge. Eleven million viewers huge. Extremely comprehensive Walmart partnership huge. For the same intangible reasons that reality-show predecessors like Jersey Shore and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo captured a certain [ratings-boosting] je ne sais quoi, DD…

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Cruel and Unusual Punishment

5 07 2013

Mr Bloggins, you have been found guilty by a jury of your peers, I sentence you to

1. Life imprisonment with no possibility of parole

2. Hang by the neck until you are dead

What is so cruel and unusual about either sentence? There are crimes that people commit that are so heinous that we can no longer believe there is any hope of producing a decent member of society. Most reasonable people will be able to name two or three things that they feel merit having the criminal taken away from society forever.

Somewhere in the US constitution is a line that protects the people from cruel and unusual punishment. So, the two options listed above, which should be used?

1. Life in a cage.

Cruel? Very. Every movement watched, freedom reduced to an absolute minimum. The victims of the crime get to pay to keep you in that cage until you die.

2. Execution by whatever means

Cruel? Not really. What pain is caused by the method can`t last very long – in some cases it could be believed to be painless. The pain to the victims still remains but there is the ability for it to be lessened over time and they no longer have the pain of knowing that they are not paying to keep the criminal in relative comfort.

Is either event unusual? Depends on when and where you were in history. In the wild west of the US, getting stung up by the neck was pretty usual for a great many things, getting put into a cage for the rest of your miserable life rarely could be seen. Go to the same places in the US today and for the very same crimes it would be improbable at best to be executed while you could very easily be sent into a cage for life.

What is the right way to go? If you can point out without a reasonable doubt that Mr Bloggins did the crime, execute him. I don’t want to have to cage a sick animal for the rest of my life.

Fare well to the Pope

28 02 2013

And from crimes against humanity that you permitted and/or encouraged and/or committed on your own power

May your god have mercy on your soul


The pope has stepped down from his position of absolute power over the catholic faith. Have you ever heard the phrase “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”? For the first time in some 600 years the man in charge of the biggest and oldest political powerhouse on the planet has decided that he wants to give it all up so that he can read and pray. IMO, he has a lot of praying to do. Being the top of the pile, who does he ask for absolution of his sins?


For those of you who are now completely offended by my position, so be it. Feel free to tell me that I don’t have a clue what I am talking about. Then, after you have ranted at me, have a real close look at what it means to be in command and what he has direct control of.


1.  The wealth of the Catholic Church.  There are those who say that the church is barely paying its bills, that the vast vatican treasure is  a myth. Really, can you believe that? Approximately 1/5 of the worlds population is reported to be catholic, and everyone of those people is supposed to give 10% of their wealth to the holy see.  That is an awful lot of  10%. When was the last time you wandered into a catholic church and saw that it was lacking in glitter? Looking at the popes robes it really does not appear that he lacks for anything.

Since the church began, it has been taking that 10%(at least) and hording it away. I rarely see anything coming back to the people from the vatican state.

2.  Power to cause misery and grief to those who are supposed to be protected under its care. First and foremost in this area are condoms. Yes, the sin of sex. It is a sin for 1/5 of the world to use a condom – and in the places that need it the most, this causes the most immediate and terrible misery to the poorest people on the planet. Use a condom, you will suffer the pains of sin. Don’t use a condom, another child is born who can not be properly cared for. Another life is created and condemned to suffer. The other great aspect of condoms is that it is a significant help in stopping the spread of STDs. Again, those who are poorest and under the care of the church suffer the most because of this.


Now for two of the greater crimes against humanity that the pope has had either direct involvement with or direct knowledge of.

Pedophile priests and the slave laundry system  in Ireland.

Back when he was Cardinal Ratzinger, he had direct knowledge of the problems that were arising from priests being caught as pedophiles. As Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, he had unrestricted knowledge and access to all the events unfolding. How many priests were put on trial for the crimes they committed on children? How many more of them were just shuffled around  to somewhere else where they could begin their crimes on new children? Ratzinger was in charge of investigating this. Part of his response was to ensure that the Bishops knew that they were not to pass on any details to any civilian investigation.  Those that committed the crimes were hidden away and protected by Ratzinger and the church.

How many priests were and still are guilty? No one knows nor is likely to ever know. I am not saying that all priests have done this. I know that most of them are good, honest, decent people who are doing good work for people. I would hate to be one of them, to know that people are looking at them thinking – “is he doing it too?”


And now for the current breaking new.

The catholic church had a slave operation in Ireland. I only just heard about it a couple of weeks ago. Up until 1996, the church had laundries running in Ireland where women were sent to work without pay, or any hope of a decent life. The Magdalene laundry system was in place for those who were deemed to be “bad girls”. And just what was deemed to be a bad girl? It was as easy as being an illegitimate child – something that the child had absolutely no control over. The so called man who fathered the child didn’t care, it wasn’t his problem, the slut and her brat were sent away to wash the clothes of the important people – like church officials. Again the issue of condoms arises. How many child would not have been condemned to be slaves if the church didn’t condemn the use of condoms.  The just retired pope was elevated in 2005, just 11 years after the last of these laundries was shut down. How many times did he, as a cardinal, have his laundry done by the slaves of the catholic church


Humans need something to believe in, to hope for. I believe that we are not evil creatures who have no care for the helpless below us. I hope that as a race, we will elevate ourselves above the horrors we keep seeing inflicted by those who are supposed to be leading.
Mr Joseph Ratzinger, I wish for you to be shown the mercy and kindness that you failed to show to those who were under your guidance.



Crime and Punishment

4 12 2012

Originally Posted 19 Nov, 2010


Why do we continually have more and more problems with prison over crowding?

I think the biggest problem we have is out lack of direction in the Justice system. People get caught and if we are really lucky get sent to prision. What are we doing with prison? Are we making the person see the error of thier ways and making them want to change for the better? Sometimes that does happen, thou I am sure the incidents of that are very few and far between. Are we punishing them? Hmmmm, from my office I can look over at one of our Federal Prisons. I have sailed past that place in my time at sea and have seen how these people are being treated. 4 room condos with thier own kitchen facility, tennis courts, satalite TV. Granted, this is a minimum security facility but really, no one pays for my satalite TV.

And for those individuals who have committed really hienous crimes, what are we supposed to do with them? Every society has them, for us Canuks, we have Clifford Olson. He was found guilty of murdering 14 kids. They even payed him to tell where a few of them were. He was sentenced to life behind bars, for ever and ever. WHY? It is costing me some $60k a year to house this thing and now because he is an old man, I get to pay his old age pension as well. He is guilty beyond a shawdow of doubt, why is he being given 3 meals and free medical dental for the rest of his miserable experiance. Is he ever going to be “rehabilitated”?

What about the drug dealers we arrest daily? What good are we doing ourselves by putting them in jail?

For those who have fucked up repeatidly in these sorts of very hienous crimes – stop putting them in jail. We need to start removing them from the gene pool. A 9mm round is very inexpensive and very effective.

And that is my view on that

Bishop Resigns

1 12 2012

A heads up, this is an angry post about a multitude of crimes that were committed by the catholic church, crimes committed against children. I get very hostile when I hear of these events.

This was originally posted April 23, 2010

Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard of Belguim read a statement in which Roger Vangheluwe resigned as Bishop of Bruges – a position he had held since 1984. Roger went on to say that “I am enormously sorry” in his letter “This has marked the victim forever. The wound does not heal. Neither in me nor the victim,”

The wound in him? What the fuck is this person on? How dare he say he has been wounded by the act of him abusing a child? He did the crime, he was the one who did the damage, where does he come off with saying his wound will never heal – poor man. The pain and sorrow you may have are nothing compared to what you have caused.

The story listed on CBC news goes on to report that Pope Benedict accepted his resignation. How nice. This pedofile gets to hang up his hat and walk away from his crime. The pope has essentially given the pedofile a get out of jail free card – not that this should be any surprise. As a cardinal  the man who is now the leader of the Catholic world, did his best to shield pedofiles all over the world so that they could carry on thier hienous crimes – opps, no, that was to protect the image of the church, can’t be tarnishing that.

At the very least, Roger should be stood in front of the people he abused and lied to, and then forceably stripped the vestments of the office he held before being hauded away to prison, there to spend the rest of his miserable life being reminded of what he did to that boy.

Too harsh you think? Ask the person that he abused. Ask the person who had his innocence ripped away from him by someone who should be far above such things

Pro Life

1 10 2012

Kansas Doctor Under Attack For Not Forcing Ten Year Old Rape Victim To Give Birth


That is the headline folks. A 10 year old girl was raped by her uncle, a fine outstanding example of “manhood” and became pregnant. What a horrible thing to happen to a child. Not only was she attacked by her own family, now the state has decided that this child should have carried the baby to term.
Who the hell are these people to want to put this child through that hell. Kansas state medical board has decided that it is better for a 10 year old to give birth than to stop pain and terror for that child and the life long problems she would face with her child.
The pro life movement has struck again, this time they aren’t killing adults, they are going after children

Dr. Ann Neuhau, I am appalled at what has happened to you. Know that there are still decent people in the world

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