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27 05 2020
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Bikes and Cars and Buses, OH MY!

10 12 2012

Originally posted 12 Apr, 2010

Now I am going to start off with that I drive a car, I have a bike and I take the bus – all of these I do on a weekly basis going to and from work. I am not a “Go Green or stay home” extremist, I do not ride my bike because its better for the environment,  I do not drive my car to show I have the $$ to own and operate the silly thing. I end up doing all the above because that particular mode of transport works for me at the time I use it.

As a bicyclist:

For those of you in your cars, give me a few extra inches of space on the road. Yes, I know that I am slower than you are. Is it really that important to get the to the stop light ahead of me? Are you going to get to where you are going by almost hitting me with your side view mirror? By law (at least here) I am entitled to the entire lane, just the same as you. I pay my taxes, I don’t cut in front of you, I use my turn signals even though some moron just about took my arm off cause he was talking on his cell phone, I have no desire to end up under your bumper. Yes, it will be your insurance that will go up but trust me, from experience it will defiantly hurt me far more than it will hurt you. Give me a little more space and slow down. It isn’t going to hurt you any.

As a motorist:

For those of you on your bikes, good on you. For whatever reason, I am driving my car today and I will do my best to give you the room that I have just asked for but for the love of your own skin – drive your bike like you were a car. Use your hand signals so I know what you are going to be doing, there is nothing more terrifying for me than having a 200lb person on his 30lb bike pull right in front of my 2000lb car – my reaction time is pretty good but I can’t be that good all the time. Be on the road, be a slow moving car, be consistent so I know that I can expect you to follow the rules of the road and thus be able to anticipate that you will act in a specific manner to a specific situation. BE VISIBLE!  Holy shit if I had a dollar for every cyclist on the road who is riding in the dark, wearing dark clothes, with no lights. What is wrong with you people? Just because I can’t see you does not mean that I can’t hit you. It means I wont be freaked out before I turn you into a red smear on the side of the road. Yes, my insurance rates will go up, yes I will probably have nightmares and need therapy after they scrap you off the tarmac but it will be you that is in physical pain, lots of it, for a long time – assuming you don’t end up as another tragic statistic.

As a bus passenger:

While on the bus, I get to sit down and let someone else do the driving. Sometimes it is a good ride, sometimes not so. For you folks out driving your cars, give the bus the opportunity to pull back into traffic. Don’t  make him inch his way forward. You know that he requires a lot of space, give it to him. It isn’t going to hurt you to slow down a bit. Cyclists, riding between the bus and the curb is stupid beyond any measure. When the bus stops the doors open- right in front of you. People are going to get off the bus – right in front of you. The bus will be turning right up at the corner – right in front of you. Think about it. Think about how big that bus is, how heavy it is, how little damage you are going to do to it if you pull right in front of it and scare the hell out of the driver.

There is a  finite amount of space for all of us on the road. If we all give a little, slow down a little and behave like responsible people there will be plenty of room for everyone. Give it a try, get to where you are going a little more relaxed and knowing that you did your bit to make the world a better place.

And that is how the world appears to me today

Engage Brain, Open Mouth

29 11 2012

Before that first sound

Think, is it worth it to say?

Speak with inner peace