[well used]

19 07 2017

well used

no value on its own

left behind


[lost soul]

8 06 2017

lost soul
doomed to wander alone

Hell Is

23 05 2017

Hell is
The sight of another
Everyone looking but not at you

Hell is
The noise of another
They speak but you can not understand

Hell is
The touch of another
Held back from your skin

Fire and Brimstone
These things are naught
Take me away from you, that is what
Hell is


*This was written for a contest on another site
Describe your vision of heaven or hell. For me I
did not need a vision, I already knew*


22 06 2016


deep inside the crowd

not seen

[wander alone]

3 07 2015

wander alone
along the path of life-
tears for the lost

Subdivisions – Rush

17 02 2014

small islands of man

each aloof of its neighbour

doomed to loneliness



18 07 2013

each low must be
to see the crowd around you
lift them with your words

One Haiku Per Page

when I write haikus
and feel so sad and alone
they are then “lowkus”

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