Stopping The Enbridge Deception

It is time for me to step up and make a difference in my immediate environment. This page and those linked out from it are dedicated to collating the chunks of information that are out there to show what I see that is really going on.

Many of you have heard about Enbridge and the Northern Gateway Pipeline that they want to build across the middle of British Columbia. Now just to give a perspective of who and what I am…

I am a 47 year old, white male. I have a high school degree with some collage courses behind me. I retired from a 22 year career in the Royal Canadian Navy. I have stepped foot on every continent save Australia and sailed on every ocean on Earth. I believe in God, thou I do not believe in religion. I live in Canada, a socialist country. I am proud of the fact that I can walk into the hospital and not have to worry that I will lose my house trying to pay the bill for repairing a broken arm.

With all of that said, here is my take on what is being done in the name of a better future.

Enbridge wants to build a pipeline from the tar sand of northern Alberta to the seaport of Kitimat. The thought pattern is that they will pump 550,000 barrels of unrefined crude oil to Kitimat and then having that crude shipped to China via the Douglas Passage.  Enbridge is working hard to convince the public these 2 major points

  1. The pipeline will be safe. Any spills or breaks in the pipeline will be detected and dealt with immediately thus limiting any damage to the environment
  2. The Douglas Passage route to the Pacific Ocean is an appropriate way to ship the oil to Asian markets

Each point above will be dealt with on its own page, linked from the first three words of each point.

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