[wandering hands]

11 10 2017

wandering hands
across raw nerve endings
symphony of pain



4 10 2017

sometimes a silly face
makes the day


4 10 2017
safe enough yet
how many more need to die
to feed your coffers

[squash soup]

4 10 2017
squash soup
served a bowl of love
for lunch

The Manly Art

4 10 2017

Of knitting

Relaxing, soothing and the ladies look at you like – woah!

And you get to make cool stuff to keep you warm, or in this case, three small humans in Wisconsin.


Yarn, need more yarn…..

[cold toes]

4 10 2017
cold toes
through the open window
winter arrives


4 10 2017
through the pain etched on her brow
she smiles