Contact Me

Hmmm, someone asked me if I had a contact page


I didn’t


Now I do


For those of you who wish to  drop me a line

I have gotten sick of being sold by Facebook so I have jumped onto ELLO
where I can be located as

5 responses

29 01 2014

Hi, John,
Wow! Thanks for the reblog on the piece. Very kind of you.

29 01 2014

Making a lady smile first thing in the morning, ah, my day is done.

It was a wonderful view of the world, one that we all need to be reminded of.


7 03 2014

hi – i got your email. there was this email in my spam that jumped out at me – it is you:)

i very much enjoy reading your work. my time is quite limited and i will get to your stories – at the moment you have me as a devoted haiku reader:)

🙂 kimberly

7 03 2014

I am spam (chuckle)

Any day I can make a lady smile is a good day

Be well

7 03 2014

no worries – you are no longer spam – i upgraded you – you are now ‘in’ boxed.

be well to you too!

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