[a dream]

14 02 2021

a dream

shattered on the floor

he had failed

Where do electronic dreams go to die?

19 07 2020
Under one of the great laws of physics, neither energy nor matter can be destroyed, it changes from one form to another.
The garbage we throw into the ocean doesn’t just disappear, it is all collecting into huge garbage patches all over the world. One day I am sure those patches will turn into floating islands, or worse, into some sort of creature.
Getting back to electronic dreams. When data is sent through the internet, it is broken up into small packets. Each packet is has a destination address and a originating address. What is supposed to happen is that Computer A sends a request to Computer B, asking for a bunch of data. Computer B finds the data, breaks it up into a bunch of packets and then fires the whole lot to Computer A where those packets are re assembled into the requested data. Some times between Computer B and Computer A, data packets get lost – where do they go?
Is there some great pile of data packets some where in a Google data center? If so what are those packets doing, just floating about bumping into other data packets? What happens if a couple of them stick together, and then a few more? There are a lot of folks out there right now working to create an Artificial Intelligence, god help us if all of those lost packets beat us to it.
Thank you for attending my doom and gloom Ted Talk

“What do you want for Christmas?”

15 12 2019


Today while I was having little ones tell me what they wanted for Christmas, one very young person asked me
“Santa, what do you want for Christmas?”
I was gobsmacked, I didn’t have an immediate answer. After a few moments of making thinking sounds I answered “I want to know that you are happy.”
The little person wandered away with a smile.

Later on in the day, I was thinking about that visit and realized that what I really wanted was everyone to smile a bit more. To be a little bit kinder to each other and to themselves. To know that while their life may not be easy, if they all said one kind word, or did something small for someone else, all of those small things would add up to make our world a bit brighter.

I then thought about how I have handled things in the past and realized that my own track record is less than stellar. I can do better, I must do better, I will do better.

That is what Santa wants for Christmas this year

Can you shed one tear for them?

16 04 2019

A horrible thing happened the other day, Notre Dame burned. Due to a bit of luck and the skill and bravery of the emergency crews in Paris, it looks as if the main structure of the building is intact.

Notre Dame has been around since the middle of the 13th century and truly it is a treasure for the citizens of the world. The cleanup of this disaster has not even begun and already it has been promised to be rebuilt within 5 years, at the last report, 700million euro has been raised to make this happen.  Great swaths of the earths population is in shock and crying over this tragedy.

Did you cry one tear when you heard that the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem burned? Have you even heard of this? The third most holy site in Islam was on fire the same time that Notre Dame burned. Will you shed one tear for the anguish the Islamic people are feeling? Will you go to the mosque in your home town and make a donation to help them rebuild?  Will the Pope say a prayer for them, will  he open the Vatican coffers to assist in the repairs?

So many horrible things that happen and yet only one thing is talked about, only one thing does a tear get shed for – a building.

Have you heard about the Magdalene Laundries of Ireland? A place where the “bad girls” were sent to, to wash clothes for the upper crusts of the Catholic Church. From the 1800’s up until almost 2000, women were enslaved and made to wash clothes. From the reading I have done, no one really can put a number on how many women this was done to.

Can you shed one tear for them?

Here in North America, there has been a systematic genocide happening since the first European set foot here. The indigenous people of North America have under the heel of the settlers for hundreds years. Disease ravaged them, they were hunted down and slaughtered  for sport. They were pushed off of their lands, corralled into places where they can barely eek out a living and now even those places that we have said they can live in are being taken. Pipelines cutting across burial ground, over water sheds and all of this being done by those who have said that the natives are “permitted to be there”. When those who are left resist peacefully, the army is brought in to break them down.

Can you shed one tear for them?

List list of groups of people that have been oppressed, attacked , removed…….. is longer than can be listed

Can you shed one tear for them?

When it is your turn to be down trodden, who will shed a tear for you?

The Landfill

8 06 2017

The Landfill

A necessary evil in our world. Tonnes and tonnes of garbage are produced everyday, a lot of it is just that a piece of something has broken off and now you need something new to replace it.

Kintsugi – the Japanese art of repairing pottery with lacquer and dust of valuable metals. Broken bowls are repaired and made into a work of art, fully functional and in some ways better than it was before

People can get pieces broken from them as well. Sometimes it is a physical thing, sometimes it is something that you can’t see.
Why do so many people just discard and go get a new one? We all have a small piece of broken something. We all have a crack that can be filled with a bit of gold dust – do you have it in you to be the one to fill that crack?

People are not disposable.

Don’t throw them away

Who Shot First?

29 04 2016

And it all comes down to this

Did Han shoot first or was it Greedo?

The famous scene in the Mos Eisley where Han is staring down the barrel of a blaster. The master of cool just sits there, one hand casually picking at the wall, the other slowly moving to bring his blaster into play

“That’s the idea” sneers Greedo and then two shots ring out.

This moment in history has been played out again and again. The Star Wars fandom has gone over and over it arguing who shot first. There are countless YouTube videos, discussion groups and write ups. I even saw someone do a full write up with arrows, and stop motion analysis.

Man oh man, the amount of energy and time that has been spent on this one moment in time is staggering.

After a very care analysis of all the data I have come to the answer that can not be refuted in anyway.

It does not matter who shot first

Greedo missed

Can you see a difference?

27 11 2015

A long time ago, a wise person said “Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to relive them.”

Here is one story that is looking like it is coming around again

The year was 1932, the country Germany. The world was suffering from a massive financial depression. In Germany people were walking around with bags full of paper money to buy a loaf of bread. The general populous of Germany was feeling pretty down cast – no national pride, no jobs, no decent quality of life. Germany was still fighting its way back to being a productive member of the world stage after losing World War One.

A  man strolls up to the political front minds of the masses and starts shouting about how awful things were, and that HE was going to make things right, HE was going to make Germany great again. He had the plan and the plan beings by pointing His fingers at the JEWS. The horrible money grubbers, those who were not fit to be a part of the proper race. All of Germany’s problems were the fault of the Jews. Make them all where a badge to single them out from the proper race.

The democratic elections of 1932 saw Adolf Hitler, leader of the NAZI party, came very close to being elected to power. As it turned out, early 1933 he was given the Chancellorship and soon after took over the reins of power. Then things got really ugly for about a decade.

Skip ahead almost a century

The year is 2015, the country United States of America. The middle class is suffering from massive financial depression. People are walking around with pockets full of plastic cards, trying to get ahead of the Smiths. The elite are pitting the middle class against each other so that they will keep their power. The general populous are feeling pretty downcast – decent jobs very hard to find, people being crushed under huge mountains of debt. The United States is fighting its way back into being back its former glory.

A  man strolls up to the political front minds of the masses and starts shouting about how awful things are, and that HE is going to make things right, HE is going to make the US great again. He has the plan and the plan beings by pointing His finger at Mexicans and the Muslims and the refugees. All of the horrors of the world are because of them. Make them all where a badge to single them out from the proper race.

2016, the election is coming, are you prepared to have history repeat itself?


9 01 2015


This is my smart phone. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
My smart phone is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.
My smart phone, without me, is useless. Without my smart phone, I am useless. 

How odd is it to be able to say that? Yesterday I failed in my duty to plug in my smart phone. Today I woke up to the realization that my walk was going to be without the morning news.

How many people out there are addicted to their electronic leashes? They must know NOW what is happening, there are just so many people they must talk to NOW, they need to complete that level in Farmville NOW. I hate to admit it, but sometimes that is me. Sitting on the bus I fidget, I need something to do so I whip out the smart phone and spread some digital seeds upon my digital field.

I resolve to put down my smart phone and not look at it for the next 3 hours…..by then it should be charged.

I hope the crop is ready for harvest when I get back to it

ps – a totally uncalled for plug, the MOTO G is a pretty good mid level device, my only real complaint is that it doesn’t come with a racing stripe

Excuse me Sir, how is this relevant?

13 12 2014

Today is a sad day for the Royal Canadian Navy. The head of the RCN, Vice-Admiral Mark Norman, has decided that the men and women under his command may no longer enjoy a beer while at sea. The beer machines will be locked up and the first question is why? What series of events has led to this latest destruction of moral? How is this going to address the issues that have been identified?

Back in mid July of 2014, HMCS Whitehorse was sent home from a naval exercise based around San Diego, California. There were three incidents reported of Canadian sailors who

1. had been arrested by San Diego Police

2. been caught shoplifting

3. allegedly been involved in sexual misconduct

All three of these events happened while sailors were ashore in San Diego.

Norman said the policy change will help prevent instances of alcohol-fuelled misconduct.

“Alcohol is always a factor that we cannot ignore, but this is not about alcohol,” said Norman.

<as reported by the CBC here>

While I agree that these actions of one sailor can very easily paint the entire fleet and that alcohol frequently is a factor in people choosing to behave inappropriately, how is banning sailors from drinking at sea going to change anything? As I mentioned earlier, the three events listed above happened while the sailors were ashore. The sailors involved could have gotten their alcohol aboard their ship, or in a bar downtown, possibly both. With the new ban in place, any other sailor can still obtain alcohol in exactly the same methods.

How have you changed anything Sir? How is this new policy going to fix the problem of sailors deciding to drink when they get ashore? How is this new policy relevant

The Question

17 09 2014

When I am gone will I have mattered?

Will the things I have done still be remembered?


When I am no more will I be remembered?

Will  the people I knew say oh yes, he was a good man?


When my life has ceased will there be one left that I have touched?

Will someone still be here  to say he helped make me whole?


Those thoughts drive me forward to ensure the answer is yes


authors notes:

another odd mood for writing. Ah well, I am blessed to know I can write my thoughts

down and have people appreciate them