Can you shed one tear for them?

16 04 2019

A horrible thing happened the other day, Notre Dame burned. Due to a bit of luck and the skill and bravery of the emergency crews in Paris, it looks as if the main structure of the building is intact.

Notre Dame has been around since the middle of the 13th century and truly it is a treasure for the citizens of the world. The cleanup of this disaster has not even begun and already it has been promised to be rebuilt within 5 years, at the last report, 700million euro has been raised to make this happen.  Great swaths of the earths population is in shock and crying over this tragedy.

Did you cry one tear when you heard that the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem burned? Have you even heard of this? The third most holy site in Islam was on fire the same time that Notre Dame burned. Will you shed one tear for the anguish the Islamic people are feeling? Will you go to the mosque in your home town and make a donation to help them rebuild?  Will the Pope say a prayer for them, will  he open the Vatican coffers to assist in the repairs?

So many horrible things that happen and yet only one thing is talked about, only one thing does a tear get shed for – a building.

Have you heard about the Magdalene Laundries of Ireland? A place where the “bad girls” were sent to, to wash clothes for the upper crusts of the Catholic Church. From the 1800’s up until almost 2000, women were enslaved and made to wash clothes. From the reading I have done, no one really can put a number on how many women this was done to.

Can you shed one tear for them?

Here in North America, there has been a systematic genocide happening since the first European set foot here. The indigenous people of North America have under the heel of the settlers for hundreds years. Disease ravaged them, they were hunted down and slaughtered  for sport. They were pushed off of their lands, corralled into places where they can barely eek out a living and now even those places that we have said they can live in are being taken. Pipelines cutting across burial ground, over water sheds and all of this being done by those who have said that the natives are “permitted to be there”. When those who are left resist peacefully, the army is brought in to break them down.

Can you shed one tear for them?

List list of groups of people that have been oppressed, attacked , removed…….. is longer than can be listed

Can you shed one tear for them?

When it is your turn to be down trodden, who will shed a tear for you?

2018 – What year that was

28 12 2018

So here I sit, once again to restart being serious about making posts to my blog.

2018 – this has been a year of many changes for me. It all started rather peacefully – the stroke of midnight saw me and my wife fast asleep due to being very tired from packing up the apartment. I found that I could no longer live in the place where my Maggie had left this world to be elsewhere among the stars so I had us pack up and move to a friends place about 20 minutes up the road. Our new place is in the basement of a very large house that our friends had just moved out of to live in the upstairs of the same house. Very convenient all around. We like them, they like us, I was paying $1200 in rent, they wanted $700. All of this awesomeness and I even was able to make a small garden to play in


A serious number of peas, beans and volunteer tomatoes grew from this small patch.

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To all of you voted for 45

8 05 2018

To Kayne West and every other non caucasian – the person you voted for thinks that there are some fine folks who are in the KKK, think of that for a minute, How does that make you feel?

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Blood on their hands

17 02 2018

Just too exhausted.

Another 17 kids, in school, slaughtered by someone with a combat assault weapon.
How many school shootings have happened this year…3, 4, 5? I have read that there has been so many mass shootings this year that the average is 1 every two days.
That is right, every other day someone in the USA is shooting at people.

There is always someone ready to point their finger and say who and what and why, it really no longer matters anymore.

Those who are sitting in power have the ability to stop this. They have had the power for decades, but they do nothing.

Each and every one of them has the same blood on their hands.
They can stop the slaughter but they choose not to.
And every other day, more people will die

The Manly Art

4 10 2017

Of knitting

Relaxing, soothing and the ladies look at you like – woah!

And you get to make cool stuff to keep you warm, or in this case, three small humans in Wisconsin.


Yarn, need more yarn…..

And now, for something completely new

1 07 2017


Apparently you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. Today the trick was turning carded wool into wroving. Now to get it off of the spindle and onto a bobbin so I can weave it into a shawl


Today is a good day

14 06 2017

I bought a really nice touring bike from a friend a couple of months ago but really haven’t gotten into taking her out for a good solid spin so today I decided that needed to change. A friend who lives 20km away needed a visit, the weather was perfect for biking, neither my wife nor I had anything pressing to attend to, and the Lockside trail was calling – what was there to do but shake the body into a bit of biking action.

Slow time action we were hitting about 10kph for the whole trip but we were out to have a good ride, not a fast one. We stopped here, there and everywhere to smell the roses and buy some very tasty cookies. At one point I saw a couple of very large raptors overhead and one of them had lunch in its claws – I guess there was a request to stop by for dinner.

Two hours after we pushed off, we arrived. I had expected to be in serious pain but it was not to be. A great visit and then two hours home.


two gloves rest

after a day of travel

spirits soar