[keys lost]

23 05 2020

I am sure a hobbit lives in my room, a sneaky invisible prankster. Yesterday I lost my keys. I knew I had them but an hour ago and then they were gone. I searched everywhere and still they were gone. My emotional roller coaster took a 75 degree dive and all was bleak.
Fine, they are gone, I give up and will carry on
Then they reappeared

keys lost
forever gone my precious

Woes of a public weaver

11 05 2019

It has been a wonderful week of weaving for me.
Bright sunshine, clear skies and lots of people stopping by to ask what I am doing.
Now if I could only remember my sunscreen

may day-
on the pier with bare arms
and burning skin

A walk home

21 02 2018
Well, isn’t this nice. Snow, in Victoria, end of Feb 2018. Ah well, such is the price we pay for being in paradise. I was downtown, doing rehearsal for my play. Getting home was a bit of a worry as I was not really sure the buses would be running.
As it turns out, the bus I needed was running, thou the route was a bit modified. A lovely 30 minute stroll down a freshly snowed road ensued
sipping coffee
snow crunching under my boots
as I walk home

[no more pain]

31 01 2018
Last year at this time I kissed her goodnight. The lady who had been with me for more than half of my life closed her eyes and ceased to be in pain. I am a fortunate man to have had my Maggie in my life
no more pain
I remember her smile
from last year

I was there – a haibun

29 08 2017

She sat in the chair, the one reserved for lap dances. Her hands went under her thighs, lest she reach up and touch.
Then he stepped in, moving ever so slowly toward her. A sliver of sharpened steel in his right hand.

And he danced.

His blade touching her throat, gently dragging the point across her upper chest. Here and there the blade touched, never once breaking the skin, never once severing a thread of cloth. She flew beyond the confines of her skin.

And he danced
Belt buckle released and the long leather belt pulled free. The belt folded in half touching across her shoulder, stroking her cheek gently circling her neck, never once striking her. She flew beyond the confines of the building.

And he danced
His belt button released and the fly of his jeans pulled down. His hands moved to the waist band of his pants and…..
Well, there are some things that were not seen

I was there
A Dominate and His knife
over her lap

Today is a good day

14 06 2017

I bought a really nice touring bike from a friend a couple of months ago but really haven’t gotten into taking her out for a good solid spin so today I decided that needed to change. A friend who lives 20km away needed a visit, the weather was perfect for biking, neither my wife nor I had anything pressing to attend to, and the Lockside trail was calling – what was there to do but shake the body into a bit of biking action.

Slow time action we were hitting about 10kph for the whole trip but we were out to have a good ride, not a fast one. We stopped here, there and everywhere to smell the roses and buy some very tasty cookies. At one point I saw a couple of very large raptors overhead and one of them had lunch in its claws – I guess there was a request to stop by for dinner.

Two hours after we pushed off, we arrived. I had expected to be in serious pain but it was not to be. A great visit and then two hours home.


two gloves rest

after a day of travel

spirits soar



18 days

18 02 2017
It has been 18 days. Time enough to know that things must be attended to. Long ago, how easy was it to empty a drawer , today not so much. I remember when I bought that skirt, and how beautiful you looked when you tried it on.
My only joy today is that another will look as lovely when she puts it on
empty drawers
from you to another
the love is passed

The path

4 10 2014

hot sun beats down-
a safe place lies along
path to freedom

“Just a little more,” he though. “Please dear God let there be a stream, a puddle, anything.”
The hot sun beat down on his head, as it had since he got parted from the hiking tour three hours ago. Now all he could do was stumble on, hoping that this small trail would lead him to safety.

Stumbling forward he looked up and saw a flap of blue tarp blowing in the breeze.

“A camp site, oh thank GOD!” he yelled and began to run toward the loose tarp.

In his haste he failed to notice the tree root looping in front of his left foot. The root caught his foot and tripped him to the ground where his head struck struck a rock. As his vision faded to black he caught sight of a table laid out, set for lunch.

freedom at hand
errant root trips him-
path is denied



This was put together for a contest on allpoetry. Haibun is a new format for me,looking forward to exploring it further

The Red Tree

21 09 2014

Just outside my window is a red maple tree that I planted about 10 years ago. From its tiny beginning it has grown up to be a just the perfect shape to temp and tease me to try my hand at bonsai. I look at it and see it bent over a small pond, shading the water from the harsh rays of the sun.

Now, I have to get up and make it happen

red leaves
over the cool water
a bonsai waits

– See more at: http://allpoetry.com/poem/11667666-The-Red-Tree-by-Bifrost#sthash.ps65LT7L.dpuf

We were not found wanting

16 09 2014

It was a dark and stormy night,

really it was

We had been going through an awful storm -11 meter seas for 6 days. The upper decks were out of bounds. If you weren’t on watch, you were in your rack, keeping your stomach where it belonged. An awful lot of crackers and peanut butter were consumed those 6 days because the cooks were all sick
I was pretty lucky, my sea legs (and stomach) were fully intact so I wasn’t really all that bothered by it. The ship wasn’t in much danger so I was pretty calm. I got a few extra bruises but when I looked at the guys on IVs, I had to think I was good.
On the 6th night, I was on the long mids watch – 0030 to 0730- a very long 7 hours on duty but as I was still functional, I got the duty, little to do other than relieve the helmsman every half hour. One more long night of bouncing around in the middle of nowhere. I started my watch with a little prayer to Neptune, asking for his grace to calm the seas.
About 0500, the first hint of light showed up to the east, sunrise was due in 30 minutes. We hadn’t seen the sun in 6 days and then, Neptune answered me- the wind stopped, the waves stopped, the clouds disappeared The ship stopped rocking and there was peace. When Sol peeked above the horizon, filling the sky with her glory, we all looked at each other and knew it was over.
The hatches to the upper deck were opened and the glorious taste of clean air swept through the ship. I stood on the bridge wing and felt the sea breeze wash through me, scrubbing the foulness of below decks from my body. The sky lit up in a beautiful blue and Sol smiled upon us.



the fury washed through us

we passed


This was a rewrite of an earlier post with the addition of a haiku to transform it into a hibun. Yet another form of poetry to work on.  Will it never end?