[quiet night]

21 02 2018


quiet night
where I have been
marked in virgin snow

A walk home

21 02 2018
Well, isn’t this nice. Snow, in Victoria, end of Feb 2018. Ah well, such is the price we pay for being in paradise. I was downtown, doing rehearsal for my play. Getting home was a bit of a worry as I was not really sure the buses would be running.
As it turns out, the bus I needed was running, thou the route was a bit modified. A lovely 30 minute stroll down a freshly snowed road ensued
sipping coffee
snow crunching under my boots
as I walk home

[barren tree]

15 02 2018
  • barren tree
    a ragged V

[fatal error]

14 02 2018
fatal error
his cell phone
in the pond

[clearing the driveway]

13 02 2018

20180212_132239(0)clearing the driveway
right tool
wrong season

[barren hill top]

12 02 2018
barren hill top
young lovers holding hands
as the sun sets

[war and greed]

12 02 2018
war and greed
a better world greets me
without the tv