Prelude to joy

5 02 2018

the music
slow and heavy
deep bass thumps
or is that your pulse?

my steel
Damascus pattern
solid razor edge
that holds your eye

your skin
pale and warm
needing a touch
to set you free

one shallow slice….


[he hungers]

8 01 2018

he hungers
jugular exposed
the feast waits

[bruised thigh]

13 12 2017

bruised thigh
as his fists lands again
a guttural moan

[wide eyes]

29 11 2017

wide eyes
above a fully gagged mouth
a silent scream

[let free]

16 11 2017

let free

she returns by her own desire


[steel bondage]

1 11 2017

steel bondage
flash of light across the blade
locks her in place

[bondage art]

17 10 2017

bondage art
slivered steel and lace
her corset