28 10 2019

left alone with her thoughts
inside a box

[ruby smear]

14 10 2019

ruby smear
painted across her face
his canvas

[buried to the chin]

2 06 2019

buried to the chin
watching the tide approach-


5 05 2019

terrors from the past, faced
and vanquished

HE is denied

4 05 2019

a steel blade-
the power of life and death
in my hand

one last shield
between life and beyond-
a silk blouse

parted threads-
shields collapsing
as the blade moves

red lines
grow across her chest-
a dark figure

Death comes-
under one layer of skin
rubies of life

Death draws near-
HE raises his scythe
to claim a life

blade to scythe-
Begone reaper of souls
she is MINE

[One layer of skin]

9 04 2019

one layer of skin

between life and the blade

one drop of blood

[dread for the future]

10 01 2019

dread for the future
from behind her secured head
the snap of a belt

[she asked]

5 01 2019

she asked
unsure of her fate
she waits


4 01 2019

ruby smears across her breast
in the blades wake


27 12 2018

against her skin-
red hot steel