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So, I can see people having a look at this and saying, “Hmmmm, something isn’t right about the timings of these posts”. Well, here is what is really happening.


I am amalgamating 3 different blogs into this one, pulling posts from several years ago to get them all in one place.  My time in the Navy was broken in two – I had to take a 3 year break part way through it to deal with a few pressing issues. During that break, I took to driving cab and even owned one for a short time.
My Naval stories have yet to all be written down, more will come as I think of them, what is posted now were written in the past but needed to be collected together.

Maybe one day I will put them in proper order – don’t hold your breath on that thou <g>



3 responses

24 04 2016

I too have many collections not all in one place.
But that’s what comes from the love of writing…

24 04 2016

that is about the size of it. I have just put together my first book of my work. Now I have that monkey on my back, I want to write up another 3 or 4

27 04 2016

Good luck.
I need a secretary, agent and a publisher…
Maybe one of these days…

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