3 08 2017

This is one in a series of Haiku battles between myself and a dear Lady Cheryl DeWolfe, who blogs at Flotsam and Jetsam. These collaborations are all very erotic and were written in real-time exchanges with no outline nor discussion of the content before each began.

Note: no bytes were killed in the writing of these, thou some of them may be scarred for life


open palm face slap
shock in the room palpable
her shame obvious

reddened cheek
from the pain or the shame-
matters not

eyes down, tears welling
“forgive me, Sir,” she utters
she has much to learn

fist in her mane
as she is led forward
knees buckle

stumbling she falters
her punishment imminent
she will feel his wrath

willow switch
thin welts of fire
across her ass

tears roll down her face
pain radiates from impacts
she will remember

tied against the frame
she recovers

exhausted, she smiles
thankful for absolution
devoted anew




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