The Hunt

2 08 2017

This is one in a series of Haiku battles between myself and a dear Lady Cheryl DeWolfe, who blogs at Flotsam and Jetsam. These collaborations are all very erotic and were written in real-time exchanges with no outline nor discussion of the content before each began.

Note: no bytes were killed in the writing of these, thou some of them may be scarred for life

I have become prey
a hungry beast awakened
the game is afoot

hidden path
with silent steps
she is tracked

gooseflesh raised in fear
a perception of danger
she awaits her fate

beyond the line of trees
eyes watch

a chill runs through her
despite the summer night’s heat
the howl echoing

scent caught
his nostrils flare
on her fear

too late she hears him
his claws sink into her flesh
the feeding begins

each bite
fuels his passion
fury of lust

feeding on his lust
their passion is multiplied
engulfing them both

last bite
they drift in peace
as one




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