Today is a good day

14 06 2017

I bought a really nice touring bike from a friend a couple of months ago but really haven’t gotten into taking her out for a good solid spin so today I decided that needed to change. A friend who lives 20km away needed a visit, the weather was perfect for biking, neither my wife nor I had anything pressing to attend to, and the Lockside trail was calling – what was there to do but shake the body into a bit of biking action.

Slow time action we were hitting about 10kph for the whole trip but we were out to have a good ride, not a fast one. We stopped here, there and everywhere to smell the roses and buy some very tasty cookies. At one point I saw a couple of very large raptors overhead and one of them had lunch in its claws – I guess there was a request to stop by for dinner.

Two hours after we pushed off, we arrived. I had expected to be in serious pain but it was not to be. A great visit and then two hours home.


two gloves rest

after a day of travel

spirits soar






One response

14 06 2017

It was an excellent day!!
I look forward to many more like this my love.

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