And I Remember

22 05 2017

This poem was written by my son, Alex, when he was 13. It recounts his memory of when he was a much shorter human


And I remember


In the harbour

On and island

Standing and waiting

With my mom at the age of three for the boat

The boat that had my dad

My dad was coming home


And I remember


As a little boy walking to my dad

In the harbour

Walking on the walkway

But careful not to slip


And I remember


To the ship on the smooth path

Running past the crashing waves

Running to the ship that rose

Like a steel fortress


And I remember


The smell of sand washed ashore

Breathing the scent of smelly paint

The scent of wet paint on the ship just painted


Yes and I remember


This is my dad this is my dad

This warmth of his hug



And home

Is mine





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