This morning I knew I was alive

3 05 2017

The morning shave, for a good chunk of the male population it looks something like this.
1. Go to sink
2. Get can of foamy chemical goop
3. Apply said goop to face
4. Pick up a 2/3/4/5 bladed disposable razor
5. Apply razor to goop, pull down
6. Rinse razor, rinse again, swear at razor trying to get the goop/stubble out from between the blades
7. Repeat 5&6 until goop is removed from face
8. Rince face, throw out razor if it has been a week


For our wedding, my wife gave me this bad boy


It has been a few months of learning how to hold it, how to move it, how to keep the red flowing inside instead of outside but it has been a wondrous adventure.

This morning’s shave was different. As I was shaving down my neck, I saw my skin pulse as the blade sheared the soap and stubble away. That was my jugular. Had I fucked up just then, there would have been a fountain of red. It would have been bad, definitely bad. I finished off and put everything away thinking about what I had seen and then it hit me

This morning, I knew I was alive




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