6 12 2016

Objective – World Domination

Order of Operations

1 – Make one person smile

2 – Repeat

End of Mission statement

Really, it is that easy.

Dominate the world, be that force to improve the place in which you live. All it takes is one smile a day. That one smile you generate will ripple out and cause another smile to appear. That is the force of good the world needs, more people smiling. A smile lightens another’s load, it makes that person feel just a little bit better. Happier people are stronger and healthier

It does not mean give someone money, nor does it mean giving up all of your worldy possessions and become a missionary. The simple act of saying hello to another as you pass them on the street. Hold a door open for someone. Help someone carry a bag of groceries to their care while they are keeping watch over 3 kids.

Make one person smile today, make one person smile tomorrow. Make this world a better place for us all






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