First THEY Came For

23 11 2016

First THEY came for the Homosexuals – really it was just the gay guys they wanted. Two chicks making out is way to hot to hate. This is a Christian nation THEY all cry and two gays fucking is an abomination according to the Old Testament. Funny how it is that the OT was written long before Christianity was even conceived, not only that, it was written for the JEWS (another group that THEY came for BTW).

Then THEY came for the Transsexuals. THEY said the trannies are just there to peak at your children in public toilets. Hmmmm, how many trannies have you seen on the news who are under arrest for doing such? The only ones I see are those who have been beaten by a group of THEM. Transsexual folks just want to pee, in peace and quiet, just like everyone else.

Then THEY came for the Immigrants, especially those from Mexico. “They are not sending us their best, there are rapist amung them.” Can’t have foreigners coming and taking away our jobs now, can we? “I will build a great wall, a beautiful wall and make them pay for it.” Keep them out, we don’t need them. Hmmm, every single white folk in the US came from somewhere else.

Be very vigilant, because the next group THEY will come after will be you or someone you know and love.





One response

23 11 2016
fran greene

Well said. I was really hoping that we had finally matured enough as people to leave the ugly hate behind…..

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