You have come a long way baby…

1 09 2016

Or have you?

The privileged in our world will point out again and again just how liberated today’s women are – hell, they can even vote and own their own property now. Isn’t life just grand?

Well, in some respects, things are marginally better. It is no longer permissible to restrict women to the typing pool in office settings. We have women police officers, doctors, soldiers and all manner of traditionally men jobs. There is also a whole wack of media that says women are people too, there is no reason to keep them out of anywhere. Mainstay media is actually getting around to creating movies and TV shows with women who are the main character, not just arm candy.

I have recently begun enjoying a new show called Forged in Fire – a game show that has 4 blacksmiths come in and have them forge a knife in 6 hours. This show runs on the same format as any number of reality contests that you can watch – 4 people start, and by the middle of the show, there are only 2 people left to complete for the prize. In the case of Forged in Fire, the prize is $10,000.

The last episode I watched had 3 male smiths on one female smith – one of two females I have seen during the run of this show. Now, to be fair there are very few female smiths out there so I do not find it problematic that there have only been two on the show so far.

For the first part of the competition, one of the males got eliminated due to his blade not meeting the specs listed.

For the second part of the competition, the three remaining smiths present their completed blades to the judges. The judges take the blades and subject them to various tests. In this episode one of the tests was to have the blade cut through a 2 inch manila rope. For this test, the knife is chopped into the rope three times, in thought of cutting through it.

Blade 1, smith – male. The blade cut through the rope with three blows

Blade 2, smith – male. The blade did not cut through the rope

Blade 3, smith – female. The blade cut through the rope with three blows


The judges deliberate and decide the blade three was to be eliminated. The reason was that the very tip of the blade broke off. The damage to the blade needed to be magnified in order to see it. In all aspects, this blade matched or out preformed the other two blades and yet it was eliminated.

A well thought out show, well executed and exciting to watch


because there are people who believe that women do not belong in the forge








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