Don’t throw me away

5 07 2016

The Landfill

A necessary evil in our world. Tonnes and tonnes of garbage are produced everyday, a lot of it is just that a piece of something has broken off and now you need something new to replace it.

Kintsugi – the Japanese art of repairing pottery with lacquer and dust of valuable metals. Broken bowls are repaired and made into a work of art


This broken bowl is not going to the landfill

Not only has this bowl been made whole and in many ways better than it was before, but you can see that the person who did this has pride in themselves and the joy that they have in life.


People can get pieces broken from them as well. Sometimes it is a physical thing, sometimes it is something that you can’t see. Why do so many people just discard and go get a new one? We all have a small piece of broken something. We all have a crack that can be filled with a bit of gold dust – do you have it in you to be the one to fill that crack?

People are not disposable.

Don’t throw them away





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