The Dentist

23 06 2016

How many of you shuddered at the title to this post? How many of you dread that little bib? No matter how great the dentist is (my dentist is a great guy and does great work) there is always that shudder of fear and loathing associated with that title – Marathon Man flashbacks perhaps?

In my 50 years I have been pretty lucky with the dental care I have received. More often than not, the people have been kind, decent and as far as I am concerned, very skillful. I have never had an extraordinarily painful experience and not once have I had a dentist like Dr Orin Scrivello but I still dread the chair.

I used to believe that this dread was a mental thing, if I could only relax enough I would be fine “Fear is the mind killer…” Spock, now there is a guy who could deal with that. All I need to do is put my mind away from it and all will be good. Today I discovered that this dread is not mental, it is a physical thing, ground deep into my genetic code.

Two hours from now, I am to make that dreaded visit. I have two teeth that really need to be pulled. Not horribly happy about that but that is the way it is. I was sleeping a short while ago and felt something odd in my mouth and woke up. One of the two teeth that are due to be pulled had come out while I slept.

No pain

No blood – very little

No fear

That tooth knew on a genetic level what was to come and was going to have no part of it, either that or it had become sentient.

God help me if it was the latter




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