Monday Blues in the Dairy

20 06 2016

Life is great
I walk into the dairy and see only 2 pallets to unload – Sweet!

Happy am I to be moving the milk first thing in the morning. Unfortunately milk was all I moved. No sour cream, no cottage cheese, no yogurt….. hmmm, something isn’t quite cool. There are going to be empty shelves and that is going to mean unhappy customers and that’s means an unhappy boss.

I look back at what ordered and all is good, then I notice a tag on one of the stacks of milk….. 1 of 3

Crisis averted. At some point someone is going to see an extra case on his truck and come back and drop it off. This will probably be about 11, just in time to arrive with the other order, a rather large order.

Oh well, I didn’t really want lunch anyway.




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