Speak and be recognized

17 06 2016

There are many things that I do not like about the very invasive and omni present news reporting that we have. Paparazzi hound the famous in order to get that one shot showing that Miss X isn’t wearing underwear. The moment that a bad thing of any magnitude happens teams of reporters swarm into the area to provide exclusive footage or the event. CNN, Fox News, ABC, NBC, Routers and the guy with the cell phone cam are all there to let us know what is going on, live, in full colour, and with the latest spin on what it all means.  Frequently it is enough for me to turn off the TV or computer the moment I hear something has happened. There is only so much I can listen to

Having this incredibly efficient system to collect and disseminate information is a double edged sword. While being bombarded with the latest and greatest “news” can be a pain in the ass when I am trying to watch a movie, the advent of instant communication has given us all a good look into what is really happening in places. To show what I mean, let us look at what happens when Citizen X, who works for Organization Z, does or says something that is not in line with what society thinks should be. This is the series of events

Citizen X says “BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, and further more, bananas, oranges and limes”

The media hears this and starts the storm and soon everyone has heard about Citizen X, from multiple sources and with multiple spins.

Organization Z hears this and goes “OMG, we can’t be seen to endorse this.” and Z immediately goes into damage control and releases a statement to the effect of “Organization Z does not condone the actions or thoughts of Citizen X.” This damage control usually starts within hours of Citizen X making the offending remarks.

The damage control goes into effect and the rest of the world is secure in the knowledge that at least Organization Z wants us all to think that they are not horrible.

Now, time to jump to a real world event.

June 2016, Florida – a place where it is perfectly legal to stalk and kill an unarmed youth just because he was black (but that is a thought for another post) a man walks into a night club and opens fire with a multitude of combat assault weapons and hand guns. At the end of his shooting spree there are 50 people dead on the floor and another 50+ wounded.

I am not going to touch on the potential reasons why this happened, nor am I going to wade into the NRA battlefield.

I am going to touch on what happened after this horror.

Pastor Roger Jimenez, of the Verity Baptist church in Sacramento California celebrated this event and said “the tragedy is that more of them didn’t die”.

Let that sink in for a moment. I don’t care if you are black, white, hispanic, straight, gay, trans or whatever, 50 people were killed. 50 people who were out having a good time, not bothering anyone. 50 people who have the same genetic makeup as everyone else on this planet.

50 lives were extinguished and hundreds more were devastated and this “man of God” says that the only tragedy was that more did not die. How much more loathsome can you be? This is just the sort of thing that would be making any organization go “OMG, we can not be associated with this.”

What have we heard from the head of the Baptist church?

Crickets, not a damn peep.

The Baptist church appears to be just fine with this line of thinking. Is the head of this Church thinking “hey, that guy has balls to say it like it is, time to promote him.”?

Not to put too fine a point on this, but the members of this church actually went to listen to this hate being propagated. They had to go with police protection. How many of those police officers had a friend or a relative at Pulse that night?

Sometimes when nothing is said, a whole lot is said

In my town, there are 7 Baptist churches. There are 7 centers where people gather listen to the words sanctioned by people who are happy to be associated with the words “the tragedy is that more of them didn’t die”

How many are in your town?






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