Stop, just stop

14 06 2016

It has happened again

Someone unleashed a hail of bullets and mowed down more than 100 people, half of them died. Every last person in that night club was a human being, someones son, daughter, boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, and gay.

In short order, there were numerous cries of “Oh those evil radical Islamic terrorists”. Then there was the NRA spouting its garbage of “See, we need guns to protect ourselves”. Just to top it all off, the big hue and cry of Gun Control.

We don’t need to stop the Muslim terrorists from coming to North America – there are enough home grown terrorists here already, hell there are a lot registered organizations of them. Gun control? While I personally see no need for average Joe citizen to wander around with a combat assault weapon, this is not the issue here. An AR-15 with a high capacity magazine has no place in the civilian world. If you couldn’t get a hold of one, there are many other types of weapons that can be acquired or made with little or no effort.

The issue here is being painted as less human, or weird, or scary. Homophobia is rampant and is continually being fanned by those who want to control you.

“They” want to convert you to their way of thinking – when was the last time two gay guys came up to your door and asked to speak to you about anal sex?

“They” want special privileges – like being able to marry like anyone else? Or is it that they don’t want to have to pay taxes like churches and the rich?

“They” want their unnatural perversion to be what is the normal – this one is always good to hear. There are documentation showing homosexual behavior in hundreds of species in nature. There is only species that directs hate toward it.

It says this is an abomination in the Bible – which version? the Old Testament or the New? Which translation or editing of a 2000+year old book do you get this from? By the way, do you eat bacon? How about that shrimp cocktail last night? Are the clothes you wear of one type of fabric?

Stop with the hate, just stop

We are all people, black, white, yellow, straight, gay, lesbian, bi, trans, or any other label you want to attach to yourself. We all have the same needs, desires, and right to exist in peace and security.

Stop, just stop






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