The Value of 1

30 05 2016

Today is Memorial day in the United States of America. The US takes today to remember those who have fought, those who have given all and those who have not come back. Whether or not you believe in the value of the military, you have to acknowledge that those who have served and those who continue to serve have done something that a great number of people have not, nor can not do – each and everyone of them have put themselves in harms way for someone.

Putting yourself in front of another to ward off a danger is an awesome feat. That soldier, airman or sailor is somewhere, doing something to make your life a bit easier. Here in North America, we have all been blessed by the complete lack of having a war come to our doorsteps since 1812, do you all realize just how amazing that is to be able to say? I recognize that things are far from perfect but I have seen a small peek at the alternatives.

As a caveat to the rant that is about to follow, I am Canadian. I did a 20 year stint in the Royal Canadian Navy. I have been around the world and have seen things that will haunt me for the rest of my days. I was fortunate that I never needed to fire a weapon at another human being but I know a great many who have. I have come home from my tours, both physically and mentally. I have seen a great many who have not.

Remember those who have stood up in harms way so  you can live the life of peace that you have.

Each and every man and woman in uniform deserve this

What they do not deserve is this


Walmart, Best Buy, Sears, Macy’s ……….

It seems that every stores in the USA is having a sale.


oh, and by the way, thank you to some people

There are people out there whose only ambition is to pull $$$ from your wallet and put them into his and if it means walking on the broken and dead bodies of those who have served, well, that is just business.

Just another holiday that can be turned to profit, never mind the price someone paid for it


The value of 1

1 soldier, 1 airman, 1 sailor





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