A word from the dairy

27 05 2016

A new day, a new career

Sailor, cabbie, computer tech…dairy dude?

Yes, I have dropped the computer from my daily earning of bread and butter and have enlisted myself at a local grocery store as a stock boy. Initially I thought hmm, I can dig this. The pay isn’t great but I get to talk to people all day and damn the walking all day is making my legs and butt look awesome!

About two months after I started, the guy who hired me caught me checking dates on the milk while I was sparing a hand to the dairy department. Damn, I got caught doing the right thing again. To make a short story short, he promoted me two #2 guy in the dairy. Hey, a promotion is a promotion, even if it is to #2 guy in a 2 man department. So now, I am working my way up the ladder of success, looking to wrestle control from the guy above me – but that is another story for another time.

What I really wanted to talk to you about today was a few things that really need to be said about me and what I do at my post.

#1 Do not feel afraid to ask me. Please, that is what I am there for. If  you can’t find the organic, fat free, lactose free, taste free yogurt, ask me. I will tell you that such a thing does not exist. That is what I am being paid to do

#2 If the shelf is bare where you are expecting to find the 2%, let me know. There is a good chance I have some more in the cooler. I will go and get it for you. Again, that is what I am being paid to do

#3 During the later part of the day, I will be facing the shelves – that being making them look neat, tidy, and full of product. If I have just faced the particular product that you are looking for, DO NOT feel hesitant to take an item. I want you to take it, because if you are not buying the stuff, the store doesn’t make money and the boss can’t  pay me on Friday. I will go back and reface it and not be offended, I promise you

#4 Eggs. I see a lot of cartons of eggs leave my dairy. This is a good thing. Along with you folks picking up cartons of eggs, I see a great number of folks pick up the carton, open it up and inspect the product. This is also a good thing. What is not so good is when someone picks up a carton, looks at the contents and sees that one egg is cracked and then puts it down and picks up another and then walks away without saying anything to me. For the love of all that is holy TELL me that there is a cracked egg when I am standing right there. I will not accuse you of doing something wrong, I will remove the offending item and mark down the price of that carton. Done. No mess, no fuss and no one taking the broken egg home when they did not look at the carton first


My name is John and this little rant is #2 dairy guy approved





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