Misogyny is bad, M’Kay?

25 05 2016

So, as a bit of back story to this, I must say I have great respect for the medical profession. They do amazing work, frequently with extremely limited resources…. and sleep. Fuck, if I am shy a couple of hours of sleep I can’t tie my own shoes (good thing I wear boots). The doctors, nurses, paramedics, equipment specialists and everyone who pushes a broom in our hospitals, they collectively do amazing things for us who are at our worse times.

Over the years I have become increasing very familiar with the staff of the hospitals in my town and as a whole, they are an amazing group. Of course, within any group there are those who represent the best of what humanity has to offer, those who represent the worse and a whole bunch more that show the whole spectrum.

On thing that I have been forced to see is that having the y chromosome tends to make a huge difference in how you are are treated. I walk up to the nurses station and ask a question and almost always am told the answer, usually with a smile and “is there anything else I can  help you with?”. It is gratifying to know that I can walk in and get what I am looking for. The flip side to this is that when it is my wife asking the question, she frequently gets the exact opposite.

As a glaring example, today my wife in the hospital, dealing with a few things. We have been told that the Dr is thinking of discharging her in the next day or two. The nurse walks into her room and gives her a dose of potassium – I am not in the room. My wife asks the nurse what this is for and is given an answer of “the doctor ordered it, I don’t know why.” I get this reported to me and I think ‘oh shit, her potassium is way down again, she is not getting released for a while yet.” I go back up to her room  and ask what has happened and why and my wife has nothing to answer with. I walk up to the nurses station and ask what my wife’s potassium level is. I am told that the nurse in charge of my wife has to answer that and that she will be sent to the room to tell me.

Fair enough, I go back to the room and not a minute later the nurse comes in and in a very pleasant tone says that no, the potassium level was 3.5 – the bottom end of the normal range but perfectly acceptable. The doctor wants to boost it a bit before he discharges you tomorrow. She smiles nicely and leaves

So, the nurse had the information that was asked for by two different people and yet she was only willing to tell it to me.  There is something wrong with this.

While it may not be on the same level as me belittling women, this is still misogyny.

and misogyny is bad, m’kay?






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