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5 02 2016

Partly Cloud with a slight chance of rain

The Republicans continue on their path to make the world think “Are you fucking serious” with their new bill to force woman to show their genitals before using a public toilet

And for the big news of the day, the real he man, the pickup artist, the self proclaimed King of Masculinity called the police to beg for protection.


Here he is, meeting officers at the door of his mommy’s house where it is reported that he lives in the basement.

All this reporter can say is that at the very least, he should have gotten mommy to wash him up some clean cloths before the officers arrived. The King of Masculinity would look far more imposing dressed a bit more to the station he claims to hold.

It is reported that a female officer was also dispatched to help protect the King. This reporter wonders what she thought of this assignment. By the time she got to the door to be in the King’s presence, she was on private property. I suspect that because the female officer was being escorted by a male, or was it that the sidearm she carried could have put 10 or so large holes into him, she was safe from the sexual attentions of the King.


Oh, this just in. It was all meant as Satire. It all makes sense now, it was just a joke. And so noted on his blog as of yesterday, the day he called the police to protect his royal little ass. “Make Rape Legal……just kidding, really I was, please don’t hurt me.”

At this moment, I doubt anyone could hurt him anymore that he has done to himself.

The King has dethroned himself.

And now, for some more non News, FOX network presents……




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