Nasal overload in 5, 4, 3…

16 09 2015

Oh, the gentle fragrance of a rose

It tickles and entices

And it stinks real purdy

I stink, therefore I am.

There is a whole lot of chemical and biological reactions that happen on my body all day long that allows me to make such a statement. If I have been working hard all day, by the time I get home I know that I am detectable by a blind person standing upwind of me. I am just fine with that knowledge because that lets me know that at least one part of my body is working the way it was designed to. I get home, I grab a bar of unscented soap and hit the shower. A couple of minutes of hot water and scrubbing and I am no longer offensive to the nasal sensors of those around me.

All is good

Now, a long time ago people discovered that they could rub stuff on them that made them smell different. In some situations this was a good thing, like having a hunter not smell like the local version of big kitty with really big sharp claws. Technology progressed and we had more and more different scents that we could put on ourselves. There were infused oils, distillations of flowers and someone even found a way to make whale vomit smell good – some people have far too much time on their hands.

Technology advances some more and now we have more and more different things to make us smell different. Perfumes by the score, it seems like every celebrity has their own line of perfume these days. You can’t go by without noticing someone has recently washed themselves with a soap like Irish Spring , do the Irish people really smell like that? Body wash, shampoo, conditioner, underarm deodorant, antiperspirant, mouth wash ….. the list goes on and one. Everyday there is a new scent that you absolutely must try because it will make you bigger, stronger, more alluring, someone else completely. Do you remember those Old Spice commercials? Rub that stuff on and you will be a rough and tough sailor, a MAN fit for the sea. As an old sea dog, I can tell you right now that no sailor has ever come off watch smelling anything like Old Spice.

Axe – you can rub it on, spray it on and there are some people I have run across that I swear bath in it. HOLY SHIT, that stuff hurts. Not only my nose but it makes my eyes water. That stuff puts a cloud around you that nothing can survive getting through. This is chemical warfare, sold to the masses.

Each and everyday we get surrounded by more and more manufactured smells, each one its own little chemical bomb. It is any wonder that everyday we have more and more people who can’t handle being around such smells? People are becoming more and more fragile, to the point of being physically incapacitated when someone who is wearing a chemical scent walks by.

We live in a world that is full of things that have their own smells and yet we have made it a priority to make ourselves smell like something else. Now we have come to the point where we are losing ourselves to this obsession and no longer know what a rose really smells like.

I think it is time for us all to have a mass dandelion break




2 responses

16 09 2015
mukul chand

Great Post . Do read and follow these blogs to go on a roller coaster ride of fun and more; and

17 09 2015
fran greene

I love dandelions.

Seriously, I could not agree more. I work with middle schoolers, and they are either firmly in the camp of bathing in a variety of scents, or nothing at all, and that is some serious funk.

Where, oh where, is the middle ground? Applied scent should never be apparent beyond a one foot radius. The idea is that you are enticing someone in, not repelling them with a cloud wall.

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