All the news that is fit to print

9 01 2015

breaking news
we don’t know anything yet
here’s what we know

author – George O Hawkins

posted with permission

This was posted on a facebook group I hang out in and when I saw it I just had to bring it forward. How often does an event happen and the immediate response is to have every “NEWS” network show up to do an exclusive report on the latest thing. Hour after hour of the same people, spouting the words like “breaking news” or “keeping you up on the latest development”, and really it all breaks down to them saying “we really don’t know what is going on but this is our spin on the situation”.

Really, lot of these “News” networks are nothing more than spin doctors for whoever is paying them. They don’t report the news, they creating it, feeding you the words you want to hear. Sometimes it is a matter that they decide to only tell you half of the information about the situation – Benghazi is a prime example of that. Years after the event happened we still hear about it on FOX “News”. Yes, 4 people died in that attack and yes the President is a Democrat, but what is not being said…

-other embassies have been attacked during Republican presidencies, some with higher death tolls

-the Republicans slashed the budget for security to these embassies

The above is just one example from just one “News” network. The same sorts of things happen with all of the others. An event happens, they all rush to the scene to get the best video footage and then they start spinning the story they want you buy.

Let the event happen, get all of the information about it and then decide for yourself what has happened




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