Attack on Christianity

7 01 2015

Over the past couple of years, the term Attack on Christianity has been parroted again and again. Every time I have heard that expression used, I frequently note that a Republican has uttered it.

Just as often as I heard attack on Christianity I see something more real and definable happen, Republicans attacking women. Hardly a week goes by when some Republican spouts off about how they should be dressed, or that they should be at home with the kids, or that they should have no say about their own bodies.

For today’s attack, the Republican party is again working to destroy a woman’s right to her body. On the first day back to work, two Republicans introduced legislation to ban abortions nationwide after 20 weeks. Who the fuck are these people? It is bad enough that there are states (Red states) where a rapist can force his victim to carry to term, despite the physical and emotional damage that will occur to the woman and force the woman to present the child for visitation. What does it matter that the rapist has committed a crime? What does it matter that the woman will suffer over this for the rest of her life? All that appears to the Republicans is that the woman has no rights.

Now to break this down a bit. 20 weeks

If the timing happens in just the right manner, it may be week 4 before the woman has any idea that she may be pregnant, usually when she misses her period.

Then count a week before she is sure it was missed and takes a home test – Week 5

This woman has now expended 1/4 of the time that Republicans want to mandate and she really has a lot of very hard decisions to make a few of which are…

1. Can she afford to take care of a child – don’t look to the Republicans for any assistance there

2. Is she healthy enough to be able to have a child, there are children becoming pregnant, women who have health problems that are not of their doing becoming pregnant

3. Does she have someone to help support her during the pregnancy and after

In no case it there any place for a man to make those decisions. There is no where in any of this time for anyone to make any of the decisions to be made other than the woman.

Now, if that woman is really fortunate, there are non bias organizations close at hand who can help her by giving proper, factual, non slanted information. For the majority of women who face this, such organizations are few and very far between. Finding a location where an abortion could happen can be very difficult – there are states where it is made difficult just to find one and then if you do find one, getting there and getting through the throng of people who will harass, threaten and outright assault you is the next hurtle. Then you are told that you have to wait another 3 days because the law says so. I can go to a gun show and buy enough guns and ammunition, right there and then, to kill hundreds of people.

All of this is if you can afford to go to such a place.

And now if a woman can make it past all of these laws, if she is 1 day past 20 weeks – too bad, so sad, you have no choice but to go through with this, no matter what it will cost you.

Have a nice day

The choice whether to carry a child to birth or to have an abortion has got to be one of the heaviest thing a woman will ever have to decide. There is no place for anyone to be a part of that decision but the woman in question.

Republicans, keep you hands off of womens bodies


A bit of a side note

Here we see the Republicans getting sworn in. I was under the impression that the US was a secular society, not one governed by religion. Why is there a bible in this picture?




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