What is it with you homophobes?

4 01 2015

The latest news out of Florida

Florida Clerks Cancel All Courthouse Weddings to Avoid Performing Gay Ceremonies*

*taken from Slate 

What is it that you are so terrified of? Two men or women committing to each other? How is this such a scary thing? Are you so unsure of who you are that two people getting married scares you? Or is it that you are unhappy with yourself so you can’t stand the idea of two people being happy?

Homosexuality, the hot topic of today. Why is this such a big thing? How is the world becoming a worse place by accepting that there may be two men who love each other? Janet and Mary, why is it evil that they wish to be together?

There are a whole bunch of arguments that keep getting thrown around every time someone tries to bash down the rights of homosexual, here are just a few of them.

1. It isn’t natural. According to the Yale Scientific, there is documented examples of homosexual behavior in more than 450 different species. This is just what has been documented.

2. The Bible says so. This is one of the biggest weapon many of the haters use – the holy word of God. If you want to use this as your documentation that homosexuality is wrong, here are a few points to concider.

-parts of this book were written in excess of 2000 years ago, other parts have been written, re written, edited for content, thrown out completely because the local head of government didn’t like them or just been ignored because it was inconvenient to follow. My questions to you are….which version of the Bible is the correct one and do all of you who hold the bible to be the only truth have any tattoos?

-according the bible, in the beginning, God made Adam and Eve. Fair enough, you have to start somewhere. Adam and Eve went on to produce some children, Cain and Able to start with. These were the people who populated the earth. In the bible I have yet to find somewhere that says God created Frank and Linda who were to be the neighbours of Adam and Eve. Without anyone else to create new people with, it really looks like God approves of sex between mother and child, doesn’t it?

3. Gays are pushing their agenda on me. I have yet to have a gay person come up to me and tell me I was going to hell unless I converted to being gay. Never have I had 2 nicely dressed gay boys come to my door and ask me if I have found the path to heaven. I have had religious people harangue me on street corners, trying to make me believe that Jesus is the light of the world. I used to have two nicely dressed boys come up to my door and ask me if I have found Jesus. I usually expressed disbelief that they had lost him yet again.

Personally, I believe that Jesus of Nazareth was a real person who lived about 2000 years ago. I believe he was a good man, someone who wanted others to be happy and healthy. I believe that he had the ability to cure blindness and that he brought someone back to life. I did so once, the person had no heart beat and was not breathing, a little bit of CPR and she is up and walking around.

I don’t believe that Jesus was white, with blue eyes and blond hair, I don’t believe he was born in December and I don’t believe that he is at all happy with what some people do in his name.

4. Gays want special rights. No, gays don’t want special rights. They want the same rights that you do. They want to walk the streets and feel safe, just like you do. They don’t really want to pay taxes, but they do, just like you do. Religions, they don’t pay taxes. Personally, I would like to be like a Religion so I don’t  have to pay taxes either. There are religious groups like to hold up their definition of God to beat down groups of people, I have yet to see a bunch of gay guys gang up on some white straight boy and beat him to death, nor have I ever seen a group of homosexuals demand the right to berate and harass a funeral for a dead soldier.

These are just 4 of the more popular reasons people have been bashing at the homosexual community.

To those who hate, grow up. If you don’t like the idea of two men or two women getting married, fine, don’t marry someone of your sex. Keep your petty ass bullshit to yourselves. Do something of value instead of working to hurt someone else.




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