That’s Entertainment In 8 Minutes

22 12 2014

There was a time that you could sit down in front of the TV and expect to see something worth watching – a documentary on the lifecyle of sperm whales, an explanation of how a scientific principle worked given by a guy in a bow tie (thank you Bill Nye) or even getting a good laugh about a bigot who really wanted to believe he wasn’t – those were the days.

Now we have a plethora of stations, each one doing its best to capture your time and money by offering what they want you to believe is quality material. One such station is Arts and Entertainment, or A&E as it is more commonly known as.

I used to watch A&E a lot. In particular, I enjoyed watching Storage Wars and the various spin offs from it. That was entertainment, watching as a carefully selected group of people, fought with each other over the contents of what “might be behind door #1”. The carefully scripted scenes, the occasional rough housing, the occasional injury as the contents dumped all over the person opening the door. How real was it all? Who can really tell and really, does it really matter?

Then things started to get a bit uglier. No longer was it things of no real importance, A&E started going after people and ripping them open for us all to look inside their pathetic lives.

Step right up folks and see just how far this person has fallen.

Watch as we peel them apart and splay their weakness for your enjoyment.

Intervention, Hoarders, Obsessed are three that come to mind. A&E has turned the misery of people a one hour show to sell advertising. That is all they are doing, they are selling people to make money. If you are looking for an appropriate term for that, how about exploitation.

Now it is time for round 4 for A&E. The newest group of people A&E is going to exploit are sex trade workers.

That’s correct, hookers, prostitutes, escorts…. what ever the label choose to thrust upon them, they are the next people to be pushed into the limelight to be “entertainment.”

A man named Kevin Brown was an Orange County vice cop for 20 years. He decided that he had had enough of busting prostitutes and having no real decent outcome from doing so. He gave up from being a cop and decided to head up his own church. He now spends his time making “dates” with prostitutes and convincing them that he can rescue them from the world they are caught in. He has decided that he has 8 minutes to convince them to trust him and allow him to save them. In all of the literature I have read, he claims about a 50% success rate.

I am not going to debate what he is doing or how he is going about it, nor am I going to wade in the morality of the situation. I know that there are many women who are trapped by where they are and have resorted to the sex trade or are being forcibly kept there. These are the women that Kevin Brown is claiming to try and help and if he manages to help even one, all the power to him. I really hope that he is doing what he claims, I really do. No one deserves to be held against their will.

This is not entertainment

Ripping open another soul to the spotlights in order to sell product X, Y, or Z has no artistic merit.

This is exploitation

It must stop

And we are the only people who can stop it.

A&E doesn’t care about the lives of these women, they care about making money. That is what corporations do, they make money in whatever means they can

This petition was started to tell A&E not to show this newest piece of exploitation.

Sign it

Pass it on

Don’t allow A&E to exploit another group of people. The next one could be you




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