A simple task – day 3

12 12 2014

Day three

Todays simple task is going to be just a bit more difficult for many people. In our fast paced world of today, we all seem to need to be moving all the time.



Our lives are governed by the incessant tick of the clocks’ second hand. So often we rush around, in such a hurry to see it all that we fail to see anything.

Today, for just a few moments…


Do not look at your cell phone, do not fret that you need to be at place X.

Stop, take a few slow breaths and look at something that is not connected to you. A piece of the sidewalk, the crack in the building brick beside you, the car parked on the side of the road.

Take that those slow breaths and for that moment be at peace with the world

Then, when you are ready, carry on with what you were going to do.

Be well




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