A simple task – day two

11 12 2014

On the same view as yesterday, a simple task that we can all do to make our world just a bit better

Use the magic words

Please and thank you

So easy to say, and so powerful when applied.

That harried clerk at the story, he/she has been working for 4 hours dealing with tired/cranky/hungry/angry people. That clerk is tired of people sneering or looking at him as if to say “listen, just take my money and get on with it, I haven’t got time to waste on you”. Doesn’t that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

A simple Thank You when your transaction is complete can make all the difference to that clerk. One small spark of peace in an otherwise long day – it may be the only one they receive.

We were all taught to use our please and thank you as children, practice that lesson today





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